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What Murat Erkan and his team did for my father's extreme case was as if God touched the man in both his heart and mind. My father and I had two other lawyers before Murat Erkan and his team, the whole case with the lawyers before was a complete disaster, not to mention hopeless, an example is the uneasiness of communicating with them, like picking up a simple call or responding to a short email. After, we met Murat Erkan and his team, no more disconnection with the people that have my dad's life on the line. Also, the good vibe we were getting as soon as you walk inside their offices is unreal, the assistants will always greet you with a smile on their face. I knew that my father's hard as metal case would melt as the fires from Murat Erkan and his team unleash their brain cells, which it did. Murat Erkan and his team have great attitudes as well, their was not a day where we were not asked "how are you?", It is the small things that we as clients noticed and will definitely come back if things go down down the drain again. Again, the case in the end was dismissed because of Murat Erkan and his team's strategy and will to keep fighting for the positive outcome till the end. My dad was free to live and I was stress free. I want anybody who is reading this to stop reading this, and try these Attorneys at Law, you will really understand what a great lawyer is.

– Anonymous

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