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Client accused of drug dealing has conviction filed with no sentence

February 2018

February 26, 2018, Essex County Superior Court case no. 1777CR00031 charging trafficking in heroin over 18 grams and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Young client first-time offender charged with serious felony and facing mandatory deportation. At lobby conference, we convince the Court to grant our request to allow our client to plead guilty, but file the indictment with no punishment of any kind. This largely unprecedented disposition was the only means by which our client would be spared from certain deportation.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, Immigration

Court: Essex County Superior Court

Murat Erkan

FOUNDER, Erkan & Associates, LLC Twenty year veteran trial lawyer.I am licensed to practice in all Massachusetts' state and federal courts. My practice focuses on just one thing: Relentless criminal defense. While many lawyers hold themselves out as a "Jack of all trades," I focus only on one ...

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