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Client exonerated after being wrongfully charged with drug sales to undercover detective

April 2020

April 7, 2020, Essex County Superior Court case no. 1977CR00454. Distribution of fentanyl (5 counts), conspiracy to distribute fentanyl, trafficking heroin over 18 grams (4 counts). Following a two-year investigation, Commonwealth alleges that client conducted five hand to hand drug sales to an undercover state police trooper. Trooper positively identifies client as seller on each occasion. Following investigation, Attorney Erkan established trooper identified client in error as a product of a suggestive identification procedure. Presents substantial alibi evidence to Assistant Attorney General, which persuades Commonwealth that client was wrongfully accused. Nolle prosequi entered; client exonerated.

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Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Essex County Superior Court

Murat Erkan

FOUNDER, Erkan & Associates, LLC Twenty year veteran trial lawyer.I am licensed to practice in all Massachusetts' state and federal courts. My practice focuses on just one thing: Relentless criminal defense. While many lawyers hold themselves out as a "Jack of all trades," I focus only on one ...

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