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Investigation reveals charges motivated by deceit, hostility; case dismissed

October 2018

October 24, 2017, Lowell District Court case no. 1711RO001069, 1711CR003951, charging restraining order violation. Client is adamant that charge is fabricated. Upon investigation, we determine that alleged victim engaged in pattern of deceit and hostility. "Victim" in a relationship with Lowell police officer, positioning her to exploit that relationship to obtain unfair advantage in ongoing dispute with client. We launch criminal probe into alleged victim's misconduct, including allegation that she intentionally crashed client's new girlfriend's car. Following our investigation, "victim" fails to appear at restraining order extension hearing, resulting in termination of the order. On 10/24/17, we appear for trial on the criminal case. "Victim" fails to appear; case dismissed.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence

Chris Basso

TRIAL LAWYER, Erkan & Associates, LLC Tireless Advocate. Christopher Basso is an attorney licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as the District Court for the Federal District of Massachusetts. Attorney Basso graduated from Emmanuel College with a BA in 2007. While a...

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