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Peer Endorsements

an unrivaled advocate for the accused and uncompromising defender of civil liberties

"I have known Murat from his earliest days as a trial lawyer. We worked side-by-side as prosecutors in the Lawrence District Court. He quickly rose to the position of supervisor, then joined the Superior Court trial team where he handled all manner of major felony cases. When Murat entered private practice in 2006, he quickly became an unrivaled advocate for the accused and uncompromising defender of civil liberties. He has assembled a high-profile defense team committed to delivering consistently impressive outcomes for his clients. He is brilliant and innovative. He wins cases that seem impossible to win. Most importantly, Murat cares about his clients, and they know it. Without question, I would recommend Murat to anyone needing a criminal attorney in Massachusetts." - Michael P. Ruane, Esq., Office of State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump 

Murat sets the bar for other lawyers.

"I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Murat. He is an outstanding defense attorney: a tireless advocate, always prepared on both the facts and the law, uncompromising, and he fights relentlessly for the client, both in and out of court. Murat gives each client's case the individual attention that it deserves and never uses a "boiler plate" approach. Murat's trial skills, case preparation, and knowledge of the law are second-to-none. Murat sets the bar for other lawyers. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Murat is able to use his past experience to exploit weakness in the government's case. I strongly recommend Murat."  - Lonny Meloon, Esq.

[F]ierce and relentless, both in and out of court, [he] also bring[s] a great deal of warmth and humor to his practice.

"Murat is fully dedicated to his practice, his clients, and the quality of his work. He manages to be fierce and relentless, both in and out of court, while also bringing a great deal of warmth and humor to his practice. He is an incredibly creative litigator, thinking outside the box when conventional approaches falter, and I have never seen such a relentless advocate. He works well beyond normal hours until he has prepared to his self-imposed high standards, and the preparation pays off in the results he achieves for his clients. Above all else, Murat's client relationships are a step above the rest. Murat brings clients into his practice as if they are part of the family, meeting their loved ones and building strong relationships. While he approaches each relationship with great empathy and compassion, he also maintains authentic and honest connections, making sure that he communicates the reality of the situation to his clients. I can easily say that I endorse Murat wholeheartedly."- Daryl Zules, Esq., Committee for Public Counsel Service

"Everyone sang his praises."

"After 26 years of practice I was appointed to a government position which required me to refer my clients to successor counsel. That lawyer was Murat Erkan. For the past 8 years he has represented those clients exceptionally well. Everyone sang his praises." - Michael Smerczynski, Esq., Smerczynski & Conn

[A] tireless and passionate advocate.

"I endorse Murat Erkan enthusiastically. Murat is a tireless and passionate advocate for the rights of his clients. He is dogged and compassionate and works hard to achieve justice for each client. You are in good hands with Murat as your criminal defense attorney." - Joseph Cacace, Esq., Todd & Weld

Experienced, thorough, hardworking, smart and creative.

"I endorse this lawyer. He is experienced, thorough, hardworking, smart, and creative. Everyone in his office is dedicated to the firm's clients, diligent, and approachable." - Danya Fullerton, Esq.

"I worked for Murat for several years, and I can say without reservation that I have never worked for or with a better person or lawyer. Murat's preparation is

Murat is a warrior and the best lawyer I know.

incomparable, while others are leaving the office early, Murat burns the midnight oil until he has explored every possible avenue of defense for his clients. While other attorneys have fairly rote and predictable opening statements/closing arguments that they continually rely upon for one size fits all, Murat crafts every opening statement and closing argument to match the facts of the case and the personal characteristics of the client. In terms of direct and cross examination, Murat prepares and maps out every single question (with room for improvisation in the flow of the conversation) far ahead of time so that nothing catches him by surprise... except for when witnesses concoct pure fiction, but that's when you've awakened the lion. Murat spares no one who commits perjury. Murat is a warrior and the best lawyer I know." - Thomas Ozbolt, Esq.

"He does a very nice job and gets great results."

He does a very nice job and gets great results.

"I first met Murat several years ago, when he was working in the district attorney's office. We had a case against each other. I was impressed with both his professionalism and skill. Since then, I have watched his practice and his reputation grow as a criminal defense attorney. He cares about his cases and his clients. He does a very nice job and gets great results. I endorse him!" - David Yannetti, Esq., Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm

A top notch lawyer.

"If you need the best representation for any criminal matter you need Attorney Murat Erkan, Esq. A Top notch lawyer who knows how to fight and more importantly Win for his clients. Put him and his elite team to work for you. I endorse him." - H. Aalsberg, Esq.

An excellent lawyer ... an even better person.

"An excellent lawyer who treats clients with patience, care, understanding, and utmost professionalism - an even better person and I wholeheartedly recommend for future services." - Rahul Aggarwal, Esq.

"Murat knows his stuff ... very well respected.

"Murat knows his stuff - he is always called on by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly to comment on recent SJC decisions. Very well respected. I endorse this lawyer." - Vikas Dhar

[Results] I did not think were possible

"Murat is an exceptional attorney. I have worked with Murat on numerous cases through the years. He is an organized, prepared and extremely knowledgeable. The bottom line is that I have personally witnessed him, convince judges and prosecutors to agree with him on issues that I did not think were possible. He is truly one of the most generous, caring and tenacious attorneys I have ever seen. I cannot recommend him highly enough." - Joseph Prieto, Esq., Prieto Law

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